Converting Your Holiday Rental Property to Solar Energy

I have been researching the return on investment of converting our Bed and Breakfast cottages over to solar energy for a while now. Until recently I have wavered as the initial up front cost was hard to justify as I wanted to convert both to solar power and hot water. Another factor that has held me back was the visual concerns of having solar panels Burwood on the roof line of the cottages as they would not fit the style of the traditional style of the cottages.

The reason as an owner of up market Bed and Breakfast units my customers are not prone to saving energy when they stay in the accommodation – and quite rightly so. They are wanting to have a luxury experience where they can escape the usual concerns such as ‘switching off the lights’ when they are staying with us. But as the property owner and the person paying the bills for the business I have to consider minimizing expenses as much as possible to ensure the accommodation business remains viable.

Lately with the significant increases in traditional electricity and gas utilities I have bitten the bullet and decided to install solar energy systems into the B and B cottages.

I have researched the best solar panels Melbourne experts that are able to supply quality systems at the best price possible, and also for solar power Darwin suppliers as I have a colleague in the Northern Territory and we were interested if a company could do a more competitive deal if we bundled our orders together. The other requirement that we are looking for is that the panels blend in as much as possible to the roof line of the buildings that they will be installed on.

We had shortlisted three potential suppliers and I will add to this article when we finalize the successful company.

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